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dependent on technology to fighterrorism. we need an influx of human intelligence. >> thanks everyone who responded. we appreciate it. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. i'm gretchen carlson. it's wednesday, february 6, 2013. thanks for sharing your time today. what a difference four years make. democrats now say it is their right to kill americans as they see fit, the same party who said it was wrong for george bush to torture terrorists. is there hypocrisy? >>steve: come get your gun insurance. good idea? what do you think? we're going to report and you decide. >>brian: a good lesson for anyone. why it is never a smart idea to flip off the judge.
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i've always thought this but other people fought me on it. wait till you see what happened to this girl because she has a bit of a temper. what a lady. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: i think the key is whether or not she flipped off the judge before or after the sentence. >>gretchen: she did it as she was walking away. >>steve: come on back. >>gretchen: he increased it because she was sassy to him. then she decided to do the bird. then he said did you just actually say blank you to me? she said yes, i did. he then said i will now increase your bail to, i think it was $30,000 -- 30 days, i mean. 30 days behind bars. >>brian: i bet we have complete details on the story. i remember in "the odd
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couple" felix got increased sentence because he was annoying the judge. >>gretchen: i had no heat or hot water this morning, so i could not shower. you may hold me in contempt of court today. if there is a particular aroma, it's just beauty sweat. >>steve: i haven't heard of that before. >>brian: if there is no hot water, i go cold. >>steve: that's right. >>gretchen: really? i tried that with one toe. then i said no can do. >>steve: it will wake you up. >>gretchen: we have a fox news alert. a massive 8.0 earthquake and tsunami rocking the south pacific leaving at least five people dead. the quake hit near the solomons islands and more than three dozen after shocks have been reported. the solomon's is the ring of fire where about 90% of the earth's earthquakes occur. this is the underground
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bunker where jimmy lee dykes held the five-year-old hostage for more than a week. agents moved in when they found out he had a gun. dykes fired at them. agents fired back killing him. the little boy celebrating his sixth birthday safe at home with his mother. we have the chilling 911 audio from the moment a marine admitted to his sister that he murdered navy seal chris kyle. >> my brother came by here. i wasn't [bleep]. he told me that he's committed a murder. i'm terrified for my life. >> okay. hold on. >> because i don't know if he's going to come back here. >>gretchen: ruth has refused to meet with his attorney or family and remains under suicide watch at a texas jail.
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military records show he served six months in iraq in 2010 before coming home with post traumatic stress disorder. we're going to talk about monopoly for a minute. one of the iconic games, tokens, getting the pwaotd pwaotd -- boot today. in danger of being voted out, the shoe, iron or wheelbarrow. one will be replaced with a toy robot, helicopter, cat or diamond ring. we will tell you which one at 8 a.m. eastern time. those are your headlines. >>brian: do you remember controversy when it came to enhanced interrogation in the bush administration? these high-value targets we picked up, when we picked up khalid sheikh mohammed and we quickly needed as much information as possible to avoid the second attack. people found out later, because the press was
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indefatiguable in their pursuit of the information about black sites, enhanced interrogation, jose rodriguez came on this show and talked about the information it yielded. democrats were unrelenting in condemning dick cheney and george bush. how could they possibly do such a thing? i sense a bit of hypocrisy and i look for republicans to be above the fray when it comes to the drone strikes and investigations being demanded. >>steve: when you look back -- and brian you perfectly set up what was going on in this nation in the mainstream media four years ago where they were saying george bush, you cannot used enhanced interrogation. >>brian: that is not what america does. >>steve: exactly right. this administration, we found out through a 15-page white paper that has been released -- nbc published it -- this administration and our government, rather than water board people, we kill them. the hypocrisy is amazing.
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when you take a look at how our president was talking a couple of years ago regarding enhanced interrogation techniques, in favor now of just killing them, it's stunning. watch. >> under my administration, the united states does not torture. my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture and that we abide by the geneva conventions. water boarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions. it's contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are. that's not how we operate. and anybody who actually read about and understands the practice of water boarding would say that that is torture. and that's not something we do. >>gretchen: it boils down to the fact that many people believed that one of the reasons this administration has gone to
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the drone strikes -- and a lot of people, by the way, agree with him because it is taking out top-level members of al qaeda in a very sort of insulated way. but why are they doing that? because many people say it's because they don't want to actually capture them. they changed the rules of engagement as far as what you can say to them, how you capture them, the questions you ask and enhanced interrogation techniques. so they don't really want to capture them because then they're in that particular situation where they have to decide what to do with them. so they came up with this idea to just kill them with the drones. it's interesting because you have senator john kerry, who is now going to be secretary of state, and you have joe biden, of course now vice president, and their thoughts originally on enhanced interrogation; is there a difference? >> this is no appropriate torture. period. >> we've been arguing that for a long time. they have been arguing to be allowed to torture. this is the first administration in american history, the vice president of the united states says we should be allowed to
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torture. they argued for torture for a loophole that allowed them to do it. now the president stands up and says the united states doesn't torture. >> can you, mr. vice president, enenvision a time when water boarding should be used on anyone? >> no. it's not effective. >> it's not effective? >> correct. it's not effective. >>brian: jose rodriguez added -- watch the movie. >>gretchen: panetta said over the weekend it was effective in getting osama bin laden. >>brian: i think it's great we're using drone strikes to kill. i know three are american citizens but they're terrorists. they came here three guys, we killed them through drone strikes. i salute the administration for doing it. but i have to point out that if it was george bush that was doing it, you'd have to think there would be outraeupbl on the other
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side. -- there would be outrage on the other side. now they are forcing the facts to come out because tomorrow begins the questioning to have john pwrepb tpher -- brennan head of the c.i.a. administration. >>steve: if george bush was president and he had a program like this, democrats would be calling for george bush's impeachment. this would be a giant story every day in "the new york times." instead what you hear on the other side, crickets. there was a letter that came out yesterday. 11 senators wrote a letter to the president -- eight democrats and three republicans -- asking for questions. which is interesting, when you go back to 2007, there were 144 democrats who sent a letter to president bush
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to close gitmo over the torture. the hypocrisy is stunning. >>gretchen: they did come up at the press conference, jay carney, there were several reporters calling out the hypocrisy. at least they were asking questions about this issue. he had the same -- it's almost like he was reading a legal answer, because he read the same quote several times to the same question almost as if they parsed the words to make sure. because the aclu, quite frankly, is suing the government right now. the aclu usually agrees with this administration. they are now suing the government because they are against this particular policy. >>brian: republicans should get behind the president and support him in doing this and show leadership. he's doing it to keep america safe. these are terrorists who want to blow us up and he's stopping them in their tracks. they should show the way to do things right now. >>steve: what lawmakers are saying is since we've got the confirmation hearings, if we're ever going to get answers about the drone strike, which most of them agree with,
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and the drone program, now is the only time to do it. >>brian: "the washington post" has written a story that is going to make us less safe. and that is that saudi arabia provided secret sites for us and set up secret bases for us in order to get these islamic extremists, these al qaeda operatives, these terrorists and now we've exposed that. another country is now paying the price for being our allies. >>steve: they didn't publish the location. however, i read today that in "the washington post" that some other news outfit is going to actually publish the exact location of the drones. >>gretchen: let's move on to another hot topic which is the gun debate in this country. now several state lawmakers are trying to get these new kind of policies, laws passed about people having to buy gun insurance. the latest have been in connecticut, maryland, massachusetts, pennsylvania, new york and now california. this particular bill would force people who own guns to also buy insurance, and they draw the analogy to the fact that when you drive a car, you have to
6:12 am
have insurance for liability purposes. in this case it would cover damages or injuries caused by the weapons that you own. of course the other side of the fence on this is that it would encourage -- it would encourage people not to buy guns because there would be this added cost of having to carry insurance. >>brian: the executive director of the gun owners of california said if something happens with my gun, whether i do it or somebody else, i'm getting sued anybody. why am i getting insurance? if i'm willing to take that risk, i should be willing to take that risk. >>steve: would something like this be constitutional? the government would mandate that you have to buy something to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right. >>brian: would gang members go out and get this insurance? would any bloods or crips? >>steve: it is kind of crazy. happening in california. is it going to pass? >>gretchen: the craziest
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dash cam video we have seen. a truck slamming into the hood of this car. those people made it out alive. >>steve: oh my goodness. >>brian: another good use of your taxpayer dollars. medicare bigwigs getting million-dollar paychecks. one paycheck: $3 million. one paycheck: $3 million. details coming your way. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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6:17 am
how is that possible? >>gretchen: betsy mccoy is here to help us understand this latest issue. they just keep coming; right? >> that's right. here's the key. new york is atypical but it's kind of the lead. new york is the medicaid fraud capital of the nation, and these executive salaries you just talk about, it's just a little pimple on the nose of this big medicaid fraud giant. the billions of dollars are going towards excessive and wasteful services like personal shoppers, town cars for doctors' visits and other things like that. >>steve: because the more that new york state spend on medicaid, the more they get in federal matching money? >> that's right. in new york medicaid is a verb. the more they spend, the more matching dollars they get from the federal government. it's true from every state.
6:18 am
every state gets that match. but in new york which has an embedded culture of corruption, it has stimulated wildly excessive spending. $4,000 a day pays for each patient in a residential facility. unfortunately, it's not going to the patient. >>gretchen: new york is double the cost of even california, which doesn't come close to the population. >> payments to dentists who claim they treat 900 patients a day. >>steve: let's look at fat salaries people are getting. peter campinelli, c.e.o. of institute for community, $2.8 million. dennis versem. mary haven center of hope salary, millions. and william garonelo, heart share human services, $507,000. >> these are supposedly not for profits but that
6:19 am
doesn't limit the salaries, although it should. even those these amounts seem excessive, they pale with the buckets of money, billions of dollars being spent lavishly in many cases for nonexistent services. and there is a solution. >>gretchen: what is the solution, please? >> the solution is block granting the federal money to each state. instead of a dollar-for-dollar match -- >>steve: this is a republican idea. >> if you said to your teenager for every dollar you spent, i'm going to give you a dollar, do you think there would be a limit? that is what is happening. under obamacare it is going to get worse because the federal government is saying we'll give you 90 cents on every dollar you spend for some of these eligible people. so it's going to be even more excessive. >>gretchen: she's an expert on it. she's written the book "beating obamacare." north korea released a music video showing a missile attack on an
6:20 am
american city. is it really a music video? is it really a threat. >>steve: hillary clinton, wait till you see her now. she looks like the picture of presidential ambition. we'll show you the new pike ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>>gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just waking up, quick headlines. the american pastor sentenced to eight years in iran's most notorious prison, since the u.s. isn't doing enough to free him. he has been locked up since august for refusing to renounce his christian faith. is this the faith of presidential ambition? days after retiring,
6:24 am
hillary clinton launches a new website showing off her glamorous new look. her aides say it is a way for fans and the media to reach her. brian, over to you. >>brian: president obama has never been to israel and blew up a recent face-to-face with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. so why is he now going to visit israel on march 20? jeremiah, why now? >> the invitation was extended by president perez of israel and the prime minister asked president obama to attend during a recent phone call. so it's going to be very, very interesting. there's an awful lot of issues at play here come spring. >>brian: most people think he's going to look to jump-start talks with the palestinian authority. you think differently. you think this is going to be about iran, don't you? >> absolutely. a recent estimate came out by probably the leading national security think tank in israel that said
6:25 am
come july of this coming summer, iran will have the capability, they would have passed that red line to build a nuclear weapon. so you can imagine sitting in that room and perhaps -- perhaps -- the prime minister of israel begins briefing the president on their plans to bomb iran, and the response from president obama would be quite interesting indeed. >>brian: i watched the vice presidential debate and joe biden says they're not close to a nuclear weapon. i've got to go review that transcript. we'll see if israel got close to it in that last year. do you think they will meet with the palestinian authority? >> by all indications there will be a meeting between the president and the leadership of the palestinian authority. again, that's going to be very, very volatile. in all frankness, the president, he has great sympathy, if you will, for the palestinians.
6:26 am
and it will be interesting to see what comes out of that meeting. i don't have much hope for any sort of two-state solution, quite frankly, in the next two years here, but i'm sure the president is going to make an effort at it. >>brian: you can do whatever you want with fattah. they don't have power and could end of merging. we know the president will sit down with president netanyahu, who both are through with an election, and netanyahu made it clear he was going for romney. how will their relationship change in this meeting? >> i don't think the relationship will change at all. the relationship is strained. we're not going to get away from that whatsoever. it's going to get worse with the issue of the iran and whether or not israel decides to go ahead and bomb. quite frankly, they have every right to do so given the fighting words coming out of tehran. >>brian: real quick, you said you believe there's going to be a push for israel to join nato? >> no, no. it's just a concept, an idea being kicked around in israel, that if iran, even
6:27 am
in spite of the bombing, one or two years we set their program back, if they do acquire a bomb, that is perhaps one of the solutions to protecting israel would be to make them part of nato and one or two other key allies in the region. that would be strategic. that would bring some sort of a two-state solution. but right now i just see the next few years, the settlements continuing and no advancement being made whatsoever. >>brian: the real focus is on the civil wars going on in these countries, not so much israel. the president will be there march 20 and going to jordan before he leaves. thanks so much. 27 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown, this is something you never want to see in person: a truck slamming into the hood of your car from another lane. how those people made it out alive is beyond me. is this a battle worthy of governors? why governor of california jerry brown called governor
6:28 am
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>> international news. pakistan is opening an amusement park and zoo. it's a zoo in the same town where the raid on osama bin laden took place. the zoo is pretty cool but i heard you won't be able to see the seals until it's too late. the seals coming out at midnight. >>gretchen: the seals come in and they are the ones who do what they need to do in the dark. >>brian: i do think that's an in your face, america. >>gretchen: i don't care what they build. i just hope they are not using american dollars to help build. >>steve: we've got headlines for you on this wednesday morning. calls for tougher sanctions on north korea this morning after the country posts a disturbing video on-line. look. [music] >>steve: isn't that the elton john behind it?
6:33 am
>>brian: "we are the world." >>steve: it is a missile attack on what appears to be new york city left in ruins. it is set to michael jackson's video we are the world, along with about 100 other people. the bizarre video beginning with a man dreaming he is on board a space shuttle launched by a rocket. confused? >> what threatens us is the idea that people in north korea are dreaming about destroying new york, and obviously worse than that, that they are conducting research on nuclear devices and ballistic missiles that would make that possible. this is north korean propaganda, and as silly as it looks to us, it covers a reality that is threatening and growing more so. >>steve: the video end, by the way, if you're curious with the man saying his dream will come true. >>brian: godzilla gets king kong looks more
6:34 am
realistic. the founder of a mask is sued with a $25 million lawsuit. he is accused of spending donations on lavish perks for himself. he reportedly spends more than $3 million on vacations, real estate and a luxury sports car. the country of malaysia gave him the most. >>gretchen: shocking video of a truck slamming into an on coming car. watch this. this is all caught on camera. the truck flies over some hedges, lands right on top of a car. this is south korea. amazingly it's believed that everyone in that car survived. >>steve: that's incredible. meanwhile, it's never a good idea to mouth off to a judge. a teenager in florida just found that out the hard
6:35 am
way. >> goodbye. >> adios. >> $10,000. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> [bleep] >>steve: the young woman laughed her way through a bond hearing for drug possession charges. then she told the judge adios. he didn't think it was funny when she gave him that single-digit salute and he upped her bond to $10,000. so she learned her lesson; right? no. she gave the judge the finger. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did. >> i find you in contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >>steve: sock. soto was busted for possession of xanax. >>gretchen: we need more judges like that to treat these punks lessons that that's not the way you treat anybody including adults, children, the
6:36 am
elderly, your sisters, your brothers, your parents. that is a disgrace. hats off to that judge for showing her where she ends up. >>brian: all i can say is it's good to know that's her natural hair color. >>gretchen: i don't think so. that's the least of her worries. >>brian: magenta hair. she'll stand out. let's talk sports. lindsey vonn no fun here, a terrifying crash at her race during the world championships. watch. >>brian: i believe meijer meijer -- i believe my german, i think she fell. von tore two leg tkpwaplts tkpwaplts -- two ligaments in her leg and broke her
6:37 am
leg. lance armstrong is under criminal investigation by the fed. the report comes hours after the u.s. attorneys said they would not reopen the case against him following his confession. however, the feds are investigating armstrong for obstruction of justice, witness tampering, intimidation for covering the scandal. this kid may have a future in the nba. he's 2 and he's good, making trick shot after trick shot. i nickname him lebron ii. throwing the ball around his house, he does not have the hand skills, dribbling skills, but does he have the range. this kid is unbelievable. in terms of doing this in a onesy. have you tried this? knowing you could easily snap a snap. >>gretchen: and a diaper. very cute. i love -- look, he has a pacifier. with a pacifier in his mouth, on his back, on the trampoline.
6:38 am
>>gretchen: very good. he's going to get the biggest stuffed animal at the state fair. >>steve: he will get a full ride at the university of kentucky. speaking of babies, is the governor being a baby? governor perry of the great state of texas, and governor jerry brown, also known as governor moonbeam from california, they got into a spat of sorts. it started when rick perry ran this ad in california taunting them, come to texas. >> building a business is tough. but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry, and i have a message for california businesses: come check out texas. there are plenty of reasons texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. visit texas. wide open for and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to texas.
6:39 am
>>gretchen: that's smart. that's really, really smart marketing. first of all, a lot of companies have moved to texas. no state income tax, among other things. although the governor of california, jerry brown, tried to blow it off. not that big of a deal. watch this. >> $26,000 and the smallest entry into the media market of california. should i liken it to when you sand in the ocean? no. it's a big nothing. >>steve: when he was walking off apparently, he said this -- quote -- "it's not a serious story, guys. it's not a burp. it's barely a -- and then he used a word we don't use in our house."
6:40 am
>>gretchen: come on. that's on my kids' star sheet every day. if you don't fart, you get a star. >>brian: parents have a responsibility on making the diet a -- >>gretchen: no. >>brian: if i was governor brown, i would use that as leverage to get taxes down, to pressure lawmakers to say look what texas is doing. businesses are running out of the state. numbers should be intimidating to people of california and they should be using the phil mickelson story to lower taxes. instead they try to ridicule phil mickelson. >>steve: the unemployment rate is 10% in california, a little over 6% in texas. it is kind of hard to figure out because they have different tax rates due to the business you're in, if you move your business it texas and you personally would pay zero state income taxes versus 16% in california, you be
6:41 am
the judge. if you had a choice, it would seem there would be an exodus to texas. meanwhile, a big storm heading our way this weekend. maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center with a preview. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. we're tracking a possible large storm system that could develop and impact portions of the northeast as we head into later in the day on friday and early saturday morning. computer models are all over the place with this thing. we're expecting pretty significant snow across places in new england. new york city, about three inches of snow in the city, another model shows up to a foot. stay alert in new york city, the city of boston and also interior sections of the northeast over the next couple of days because we've got to keep a close watch on the storm. what we know is the storm will produce strong winds during this time period and we're expecting to see a bit of a mix across areas of the mid-atlantic. d.c., you could be looking at a mix or you could just be looking at rainfall. the stabgt track of this --
6:42 am
the exact track of this system will determine what we could be seeing across the northeast as we head through friday and early saturday morning. we're expecting at least six inches of snow across southern maine and strong wind. dangerous traveling conditions to wrap up the work week. now in the northeast relatively quiet. a couple of snow showers. if you live off the great lakes, a couple of inches expected today. southeastern texas dealing with areas of heavy rain. the pacific northwest, a brand-new storm system. temperatures, new york city, not too bad today. 39 for the high. >>brian: good news for the naked cowboy. >>gretchen: he won't have any frostbite. it's a fact, american families aren't what they used to be. more women are working to make ends meet. and it's about to get worse. next it could be babies
6:43 am
going by the wayside. we'll explain coming up next. >>brian: hey, guys, does this make you hungry? it's supposed to. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss
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>>brian: it happened. someone created a heart-healthy burger. a professor in kansas creating them. here's a reason to eat more burgers. a model going topless. in this junior super bowl ad. folks in the northeast missed out. it wasn't shown in new york, new jersey, new england. it turns out we can't
6:47 am
handle it. >>gretchen: it's a fact. modern families are shrinking. the cost of raising kids isn't what it used to be, so more women are joining the workforce and families are waiting longer to have kids. why is that? is it because government regulations are driving up costs and, therefore, making family life more expensive than ever? is it something else? joining us, the senior writer for the weekly standard and what to expect when no one is expecting. jonathan lash. for all the women who read what to expect when you're expecting. you've taken a turn in the opposite direction. what do you mean by your title? >> what we've seen in america over the last 40 years is a plummeting in the fertility rate. right now we're at 1.9, below replacement level. >>gretchen: you say forget the debt ceiling, forget the fiscal cliff. we have a demographic cliff, meaning that we have more older people now to
6:48 am
sustain in our society and not enough young people coming up to keep the balance? >> right. that's what happens when you're below the replacement period for a long period of time. you have many more old people, fewer young people to support them. then you have to make choices. do you cut defense, cut benefits for the older people, do you raise taxes on workers? it winds up in a very bad situation. >>gretchen: let's look at the american family size. in the blue line, you're going to see, this is zero to two kids. that's been on the rise. in the red it's three-plus kids, which has been on the decline. i'm in the blue. i have two kids. you're currently in the red. you have three kids. but people having bigger families obviously for a variety of reasons is just not happening. >> it's harder. it's harder for all sofrts of reason -- sorts of reason. take, for instance, college. we are expanding educational opportunities. but when you push back college and all of a sudden you're not looking to form
6:49 am
a family until 22 at the earliest, and then you're up against the wall of biology. >>gretchen: what is the answer to try to rebalance society? >> we don't need to convince people who don't want to have kids to have them. there are plenty of good reasons not to have kids and i celebrate those decisions. we should try to make life easier for people who do want to have children. that is what the book is about. looking at a way forward for people who want to have kids. >>gretchen: jonathan last called "what to expect when no one is expecting." fly for 100 dollars? we're talking round-trip. details coming up. this new logo trying to recruit men? the fight over that coming up next.éyéy÷y
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>>steve: you're going to love this story. a campaign aimed at attracting more business owners to florida is sparking a little bit of controversy. some say it's sexist. see if you can figure out why. >> the best place to get away from it all is also the best place to get it all done. grow your company in florida. florida. the perfect climate for business. >>steve: they spell florida with a necktie. does that necktie means florida just wants men? joining us for a fair, balanced and peppy debate, you hate the necktie?
6:54 am
>> the only way this logo could be any more sexist is if it started with "hey guys! " seriously. for the first time they're depicting one man in this commercial with this logo? they're screaming they don't want women. that's terrible. >>steve: is that the message you're picking up there, arthur? >> reality: when i get an invitation with me and a guest, and on the bottom of the wedding invitation it says black-tie, does that mean i've got to bring a guy? >> no. that means you have to wear a black tie. apples and oranges. let's change the "i" to a lipstick tube. are you going to be okay with that? >> i'm totally fine with the lipstick tube. you think i'm going to be bummed out about a lipstick tube? this is out of control.
6:55 am
>>steve: sorry folks. >> men don't wear lipstick but women wear ties. >> liza minimum -- liza minelli wears a tech -- wears a necktie. >>steve: i don't think it's sexist. here's my problem with the florida necktie thing. when you go to florida, a necktie is the last thing i think of. i would put a palm tree right there. >> it's a message of formality. a little bit of seriousness. >>steve: you want them to take that ad down? >> i think they should take it down. >> what if they replace it with a lipstick tube? >> that would not be fine with me. replace it with a ipad.
6:56 am
>> let's paint the whole planet beige. how about that? we'll all be neutral and never offend anyone. >> this is not making me run to florida and open up a business. >> but it is going to make a guy on the beach run to florida. >> apparently. >> we run the business. >>steve: you've got to wonder whether or not this is going to blow up in their face. a female business owners looks at that, sees it as sexist. there is an on-line poll that says 22% say yes, it's sexist. 48% say no. and 30% say, come on, it's a cartoon. >> i'm with the 38%. >> it's a cartoon? >> it worked. the money they paid for it worked. we got doocy excited. he has confirmed he's a man, by the way. >>steve: that is a fox news alert. great debate. thank you very much. what do you think? e-mail us. coming up, did you know
6:57 am
there's an asteroid heading straight for earth? it's going to get real close. a story that might make you sick. an american flag crumpled up and thrown in a corner in a school and the guy who tried to blow the whistle just got fired. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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heart-healthy, whole grain oats. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. >> brian: you
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks foyer sharing your day with us, february 6. the president says he has the legal authority to target and kill american citizens who he believes are terrorists. didn't he spend most of his time ripping president bush over his enhanced interrogations. >> brian: american flag crumpled up and left in a corner at a school. the guy who tried to blow the whistle on it fired. we'll talk about it. >> steve: his girlfriend stopped eating meat. now he's rethinking the wedding. is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is going to weigh in on this case, so stick
7:01 am
around. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great day. >> brian: gretchen could not get her hot water heater working this morning. >> gretchen: i went to a -- i tripped a circuit breaker and all the heat in our house got back for a little bit. in the little of the night. i went to turn on the shower this mornings freezing cold. i put a toe in and said no. what did i do for my house? went down to the basement, tripped the breaker so that hopefully alligate hot shower. >> brian: imagine if you lived next door to boy scouts. they can have started a fire underneath the hot water heater in your utility room. >> steve: it's funny you mentioned that because outside we've got a whole troop of boy scouts because on this date this week in 1910, the boy scouts of america were founded and they're
7:02 am
going to be outside and they're going to be -- actually build a fire, set fire to something. find out what with maria molina at the bottom of the hour. >> brian: if something goes wrong, we know there is plenty of water out there. we have a spout to turn on. >> steve: this should not be too hard for those guys because just a little bit ago, the sparks were flying here in the studio with jonna and arthur. talking about spell flag fellow with a neck tie. >> brian: crazy. >> gretchen: so anyway, we have a lot to tell but this morning, beginning with this top story. >> brian: that means my turn to read. controversy and hypocrisy. where else do you find that? washington, d.c the white house trying to explain a secretive program to target and kill americans. we've killed three. they're all terrorists. we don't miss them. it doesn't stop the controversy. hey, peter. >> hey, brian. we learned yesterday that if someone in the u.s. government decides that a u.s. citizen
7:03 am
abroad is associated with al-qaeda and if posing an imminent threat of attack against america but cannot be captured, then it's okay with the justice department o order a drone strike against that person. this new information is from a secret memo first obtained by nbc news and some republicans are already saying they're concerned that decisions about killing u.s. citizens are being made in secret. >> here you have a senior unaccountable doj official who makes the determination that recent activities lead him to conclude he's an imminent threat and you can send a drone to kill him. not to torture him, but to kill him. so i am troubled any time government is as nontransparent as this. >> tomorrow mr. john brennan is set to come to capitol hill for a senate confirmation hearing to potentially become the next director of the c.i.a. he was president obama's number
7:04 am
one counterterrorism advisor oz the drone program grew and he'll likely get lot of questions about this secret memo. so yesterday the white house explained how drone strikes against american citizens can help protect the homeland. >> we have acknowledged, the united states, that sometimes we use remotley piloted aircraft to conduct targeted strikes against specific al-qaeda terrorists in order to prevent attacks on the united states and to save american lives. we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats, to stop plots, prevent future attacks and save american lives. the strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> the only time president obama has ordered a strike against an american citizen that we know about was back in 2011 when anwar al-awlaki and kahn were killed in yemen. >> brian: his son was killed, too. >> steve: 16-year-old born in colorado, they are suing the federal government.
7:05 am
they say it's unconstitutional. but there are a lot of people that say he was in the family business. he was a terrorist. >> brian: his dad brought him out. it's his dad's problem who is now dead. >> gretchen: the reason this is coming up now is because john brennan is about to go on the hill and asked questions to become the new director of the c.i.a. he was really the mastermind behind this sort of drone attack program. many people applauded the president when he initially did this because they thought wow, we didn't think he would be tough on terror. now he is tough on terror. but now there are people who say that you shouldn't kill americans without giving them fair trial back here on american soil. so that is the controversy. >> steve: right. plus, the controversy in some quarters is, where is the outrage? when george bush was simply talking about enhanced interrogation techniques, which eventually, as we heard from leon panetta this weekend, which led to parts of the puzzle which led to i.c.e., the outcry on the left was enormous!
7:06 am
and in particular, just listen to the guy who is our brand-new secretary of state, john forbes kerry and joe biden, our vice president, how outraged they were on waterboarding as opposed to killing people. >> there is no appropriate torture, period. >> we've been arguing that for a long time. they have been arguing to be allowed to torture. this is the first administration in american history, the vice president of the united states says we should be allowed to torture. they argued for torture for a loophole that allowed thome do it. now the president stands up and says the united states doesn't torture. >> can you, mr. vice president, ever envision a time when waterboarding should be used on anyone? >> no. no. >> no. it's not effective. >> it's not effective. >> correct, it's not effective. >> gretchen: except that as steve mentioned, outgoing secretary of defense, panetta said it was. it was effective in leading to osama bin laden.
7:07 am
if you've seen the movie, "zero dark thirty," you see that that -- >> steve: part of the puzzle. >> brian: here it is. i believe our fourth estate is outing us because one of our allies, saudi arabia has said you can keep a secret drone base on our soil. just don't tell anybody. so the "new york times" publishes that base, all part of this exposure on the john brennan investigation. the "washington post" picks up on it and another network is going to publish their exact location. so another nation will not be helping us at all. >> steve: but where is the outrage from the main stream media? the main stream media was completely whipped into a frenzy! if a republican were in in the oval office right now, the outrage would be enormous. there would be 50 point type on the front page of the "new york times" and people would be calling for his impeachment. but because he's a democrat and the main stream media largely is on his side, there is no outcry,
7:08 am
although there are a number of senators who have written a letter to the president saying, okay. >> gretchen: 11 senators, eight democrats and three republicans. >> steve: who have written a letter to barak obama saying okay. you just released this unclassified thing. let's see the secret stuff. we'd like to know what the rules are going forward. >> gretchen: and also jay carney was questioned pretty heavily about this during the press conference yesterday. so reporters were starting to ask questions. he had the same answer. seemed legalese in one sentence as to why they were moving forward with this particular drone program. >> steve: you know, a lot of reporters can ask questions, but does it wind up on their stations? does it wind up in the newspapers? open your newspaper today. see where the story is. is it on page 1? it is in the "new york times" today. interesting. what about your newspaper? let us know. e-mail us. >> gretchen: here are the other stories making headlines. we begin with a developing story. the death toll is expected to rise after a massive magnitude
7:09 am
8.0 earthquake and tsunami rocked the south pacific. at least five people are confirmed dead, including a child in the solomon islands. it triggered a mini tsunami and five foot waves that damaged dozens of homes. they're part of the pacific ring of fire where 90% of the world's earthquakes occur. take a look at this. this is the underground bunker where jimmy lee dykes held an alabama boy hostage for nearly a week and we just learned that it was rigged with explosives. the f.b.i. found one bomb in the pipe that they were use to go communicate with negotiators. agents moved in after their hidden camera showed that the suspect had a gun. they set off an explosive device. dykes, the suspect, fired at them. agents fired back, killing him. today that little boy celebrates his sixth birthday and he's safe at home with his november. next friday an asteroid big enough to flatten the city will zip closer to earth than ever before. it's 148-foot across and has the mass of a cruise ship.
7:10 am
it's the one that flattened 80 million therese in siberia in 1908. at its closest it will be 17,000, 200 miles from earth, closer than some satellites even. those are your headlines. i think i remember at one point, didn't you put on some sort of a hat because you were worried about an asteroid landing? >> brian: i don't know. all i know is the only way to stop it would be to wait for bruce willis. >> steve: i think you're exactly right. this story is going to get you going. there's a newly hired school custodian in sioux falls, south dakota. and one of the things he's clearly a proud american, he noticed that one of the other school custodians tend of the day, they would take down the south dakota and the u.s. flag and rather than properly fold it up, would wad it up and put it on a shelf. he told people there about it and he told the custodian they should stop it. but they didn't.
7:11 am
apparently he appealed to the principal and other people. nothing. so he posted that picture on his facebook page. then it hit the fan. >> gretchen: apparently that gave it more publicity than the school wanted. then they put him on some sort of 90-day probation period. he was very upset about it because he said this other custodian had been doing it for two months and he thought it was disrespectful to the american flag. now he no longer works for the district. so was he fired as a result of making this public and putting it on his facebook page? he may have lost his job because of that. >> steve: he was in the 90-day probationary period. he had been newly hired. but the superintendent called him in and said he overstepped his boundaries and no longer worked there. you connect the dots. >> brian: how do we get ahold of this guy and the school and find out if they can hire this custodian back for being a responsible american? >> steve: let's trio book him. >> gretchen: stanley county school district in sioux falls, south dakota.
7:12 am
>> steve: we're going to give him a call as soon as the show over and you might see him tomorrow on the show if he wants to come on, tell his side. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. the president says he's got the right to target and kill american citizens. one problem, he never looped in congress. now even his own party wants to know why. form democratic congressman dennis kucinich is beside himself and can't wait to get out here. he's so close, he's almost here already. >> gretchen: all aboard. the most adorable video you'll see all day. a little girl's dream come true. her first train ride. her reaction, totally priceless. >> brian: please pull her back. >> look how it goes! >> here it comes. >> here it comes. >> we got to be safe. stand back [ emale announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine?
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7:15 am
>> steve: they refused to torture, or use enhanced interrogation techniques. instead it appears that the obama administration prefers to kill people. internal report by the
7:16 am
department of justice outlines new rules by which the white house can kill americans suspected of being chief operational guys and gals in al-qaeda. like the american born al-qaeda operative, anwar al al-awlaki. and they claim it's legal as well. >> we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats, to stop plots, prehave not future attacks and save american lives. the strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> steve: joining us now is former ohio congressman and fox news contributor, dennis kucinich. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> steve: great to have you as well. we were talking earlier about the hypocrisy. four years ago when it came to the enhanced interrogation techniques, the democrats were all lined up and oh, impeach bush. you can't do stuff like that. now rather than simply waterboarding people, they're killing people. a lot of people don't have a problem with that, but the hypocrisy is jaw dropping. >> let me just tell you, first
7:17 am
of all, i challenged the bush administration and the obama administration equally on the constitutional issues. my concern here is that they're not making america any safer, when 15% of the people hit by drone strikes are innocent civilians, you're creating a lot of animosity. it's making america more vulnerable. not less vulnerable. and beyond all that, they're violating the 4th, 5th and the 14th amendment of the constitution. i don't know if they teach pretzel making at harvard law school, but what they've done here is twist the constitution into a pretzel and that's not appropriate. >> steve: where is the outrage? five years ago there was plenty of outrage, mainstream media and the left. take a look at this right here. 144, screen left, democrats questioned george w. bush on gitmo and interrogation. 18 had questions for him regarding eavesdropping and parts of the patriot act. only 8 democrats are questioning the president with these drone strikes where people are getting
7:18 am
killed. >> well, there is no question that a party wants to support its president. that's nothing new. but what's at issue here is that the constitution is being undermined and that the power of government is so great now that government, even without any proof at all, can go anywhere in the world and go after anybody it wants, press a but then and kill that person. that's what this is about. suppose china had decided they want o use this same policy. this opens the door for massive violations of international law, for putting the rules of war aside. it becomes a war of all against all, perpetual war for perpetual peace. >> steve: sure. john brennan, who wants to be the new chief of the c.i.a. is going to sit in the hot seat tomorrow. so look for plenty of questions about that because he's the architect of the plan. meanwhile, i want to ask but this: is the president of the united states using two big issues they're pushing out now, guns and immigration to demonize and divide the republican party? >> i don't think he's doing it
7:19 am
and created those issues, frankly. the issue of guns has been around. but the supreme court has spoken. there is an individual right to -- >> steve: absolutely. >> okay. so that's really decided. >> steve: although they would like more controls on guns. >> well, there is a debate in the country about assault weapons and there ought to be. but on the issue of immigration, look, that issue was there before president obama. hopefully it won't thereby after. but we've got to find a path to legalization. that's my opinion. >> steve: but the president probably could have pushed out some legislation in his first two years when he controlled -- when you guys controlled the house, the senate, the white house. >> you know what? you're right. we've polarized country right now and that's not good for america. we've got to find a way to bring people together for the country. i think the people are getting fed up with democrat versus republican. we're all americans. let's find a way to make it work. >> steve: i'm with you, but at the same time, you ask the average american, the number one thing they'd say is do something about the debt and washington is spending too much money. come on of the why are you doing all this other stuff and not focused -- i'd focus on that all the time.
7:20 am
>> you know what? we need to create taxpayers. not raise taxes. we have to put people back to work. we need to do something about eliminating government waste. >> steve: amen. >> there is ways to do that, like stopping these wasteful wars that are proliferating war all overt world. why don't we take care of things here at home? >> steve: amachine. dennis -- amen. thank you very much, congressman. all right, straight ahead, what do you think? mixing your booze with diet soda is a quick way to cut calories, right? think again. it's just helping you get drunk faster, i've heard. then, think you can't have it all. leeza gibbons says you can have it all and she's just written a book. she's next. i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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7:24 am
>> brian: for news by the numbers brought to you by me. first, $200 million. that's how much 18 alleged scammers racked up in a huge credit card scam. it started in new jersey in 2007, spanned 28 states and seven countries, making it one of the largest fraud rings ever. thanks, new jersey. second, 200. that's the number of malls in america that could close over the next five years. the reason? more people are sitting at home spending money on-line. lazy. and finally, $98. that's all you need to fly round trip on southwest. the airline rolling out a rare spring sale that ends tomorrow. so book now and remember, no assigned seats. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. ever feel like you're in a rut? too busy trying to have it all? it's never too late to start your second act or third or fourth and reclaim your life.
7:25 am
leeza gibbon social security sharing her wisdom in "take 2" and she's my guest this morning. this really resonated with me when i read the notes. >> i'm glad. >> gretchen: i think a lot of women and men will want to read this and tell me why. >> any time is a good time to start over. and nothing as massive as oh, my gosh, i've got to usher in some new version of myself. a second stay another chance to get it right. it's kind of a tune up, a tweak, a way to transform, take charge of who you want to be now because it's an ongoing process. i think we lose ourselves on the way to becoming who we are. like a lot of women will say, i don't know when i became so resentful or when i got so angry. when did i become the person who let's others walk all over me? you don't have to be. you can call for a redo. >> gretchen: whether you're a working woman or stay at home mom, a lot of people struggle with, am i doing the right thing in my life right now? am i finding the right balance? you say finding the balance, especially for you going from tv
7:26 am
to then fighting alzheimer's out of respect for your mom and your grandma, you say that there is sort of a myth there about this. >> oh, i think balance is bogus. i really do. i think we have to collectively bust the balance myth because it's the thing that sets us up to feel like failures. there is no middle of the see saw. i think we should stop looking for it, in my opinion. i think we should just navigate rather than balance. look at now how we're balancing our time, but how we're investing it. >> gretchen: you also say in this book that take 2 and finding something new in your life can end up actually being better four in the long run than what you were doing. >> we're always on a constant river of change, i think. and kind of saying, okay. change is at the door. come on in. sit down. let's get real about what's coming up next. if you are look at how we get out of whack, stay balanced. if you're riding a bike, you keep moving. that's what we all need to do is
7:27 am
keep moving forward. >> gretchen: such a great analogy. i think it will resonate with so many people. >> exactly right. they're out there. you just got to open up for them. let me know what you think. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> gretchen: next up, 911, a kid is unconscious. but what are these cops doing instead? they're taking a coffee break. then, that's cold, but don't worry, the boy scouts are here and they'll show us how to build a fire and build it right. there they are [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
7:28 am
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♪ i believe in miracles ♪ where you from ♪ you sexy thing ♪ . >> gretchen: brian is doing the toss off to me. i wonder why. your shot of the morning. >> brian: you enjoy it more. >> gretchen: mario lopez going the extra mile. he went streaking wearing only a ravens helmet and skivies after losing a super bowl bet to his co-host. it was only fair, last year she wore a bikini in times square after the giants beat new england in the super bowl. >> steve: wait a minute.
7:32 am
>> gretchen: morrie, i think works out. >> steve: when you streak, you're supposed to be naked. that's the way it was when i was growing up. >> brian: he broke the law by not streaking. >> steve: she wore a bikini and he's clearly wearing one as well. >> brian: congratulations. all i could say is, i guess keep betting and let's root for maria's team next year. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: okay. i'll root for mario. i think he does some crunches. let's get to headlines. >> brian: we ask him to run one race here and he has a bad leg, oh, my leg is bothering him. how dare he? >> gretchen: let's get to some headlines. coffee comes first. officers from the miami-dade police department caught on camera taking coffee brakes and one getting cozy with his girlfriend instead of answering emergency calls. in one case, a five-month-old child was unconscious and one of the officers told the dispatcher he was enroute when he was having coffee with his supervisor. a sergeant and two other officers have been fired.
7:33 am
three suspended and two others written up. brian? >> brian: the former head and founder of the ground zero mosque slapped with a $25 million lawsuit. he is accused of pocketing millions of dollars in donations and spending them on lavish purchases for himself and a significant other. he reportedly spent more than $3 million on vacations, real estate, and a luxury sports car needed for every mosque. maybe for pickups for other vips. the lawsuit claims he also falsified the tax returns for two nonprofits where the money was supposed to be going. good luck with that, imam. >> steve: thank you. looking to cut back on the calories in your cocktail by mixing diet soda and rum instead? get ready for this. a new study says diet soda and booze makes you drunking faster. turns out the sugar in regular soda helps slow down the absorption of alcohol from the stomach to the bloodstream. >> brian: who is studying this? >> steve: people all across the
7:34 am
country. but apparently now some learned minds figured out that if do you the diet thing to save the calories, you're getting drunker faster. >> brian: that's sponsored by lauren pettersson off her vacation. no, she came back with this study. >> gretchen: i guess you should just do shots then. i guess that would be the end result. forget barbies or dolls. a little girl from tennessee just wanted to ride a train for her birthday. she did and her reaction going viral. watch this. it's so cute. >> what's coming? >> a train! >> are we gonna ride the train? >> yeah. look how it goes, dad! oh, my goodness. >> here it comes. >> here it comes. >> we got to be safe. stand back.
7:35 am
let's get on the train. >> gretchen: how adorable. that three-year-old madeline. her parents say they used to live near train tracks. video is from two years ago and her parents say madeline is no longer interested. that's the buzz kill at the end of the story. oh, well. the video is adorable. okay, brian. >> brian: every day when i take the long island railroad home, i have that look and people mock me. suddenly i feel vindicated. >> steve: maybe they're mocking you 'cause you're sleeping on the train. >> brian: that's treatment lindsey vaughn will have surgery next week after this terrifying crash at the alpine world championships. let's listen to it called in swedeish. >> brian: oh, god i spilled, oh, god i spilled. that's my translation. bottom line, she's hurt.
7:36 am
vaughn tore two ligaments in her knee, broke her leg. she was air lifted to the hospital. she's out for the season. but u.s. team officials say they expect her to recover for the olympics next year. word is she's dating tiger woods. serious trouble could be had for lance armstrong. new report that the cyclist is under criminal investigation by the feds. the news comes hours after u.s. attorney said they would not reopen the criminal case in armstrong following his doping confession to oprah winfrey. sources say they're investigating him for department of justice. witness tampering, intimidation for covering up the scandal. did he it all. watch this. michael phelps crying his eyes out alongside his mom at the super bowl. phelps is a baltimore native, a huge ravens fan. he's also great friends with ray lewis. phelps said he was just so happy, he could not help it. he said he was not going to do the olympics again until ray lewis looked him up and told him you have to do it again. you'll regret it the rest of his life and they have been
7:37 am
inacceptable since. to see this was inspiring to him. imagine, he kept it together on the stand when he gets his old gold medal, but somebody else's championship. >> steve: their motto, be prepared. for 100 years plus, they have been. >> gretchen: boy scouts officially came into existence this week back in 1910 and today we have a very special group standing by outside. and that's where maria molina is. good morning. >> hi. good morning again. good morning, everyone. i'm with the boy scouts out here and i have jack mcginnis who it was your birthday about two days ago. so now you are ten years old. happy belated birthday, jack. >> thank you. >> so nice to be here with you. and you're one of the pack leaders and tell me a little bit about what it's like to be a boy scout and what you guys do. >> to be a boy scout is like it takes a lot of work and what we do is, like, we have a lot of work sometimes.
7:38 am
sometimes we have fun, like fun throughout. >> you have a lot of fun. that's what's most important. you're actually a cub scout. what do you have to do to become a boy scout? >> you have to finish junior woovlo and then you become a boy scout. >> got it. you guys just finished the klondike derby. you had a couple of stations. what did you guys do? you actual lea won awards? >> yes. the award was the most impress sive sled. some of the stuff we did was like we built a fire. we had to pull sled. we cooked over a fire. >> you learned first aid skills as well, right? >> yes. >> today we're going to be building a fire. you're going to be doing this for us so we can stay warm and roast some marshmallows after.
7:39 am
very exciting stuff. your set back there. i don't know if you can see with the camera. that is what they won, most impresssive sled. you guys are from new jersey. let's go ahead and start that fire. what i'm going to do what you're doing that is i will be giving a quick weather report and then we'll roast the marshmallows. got it? let's go. the high temperatures today across the country, looking pretty chilly across portions of the northeast. not too far away from normal, 39 over in new york city for a high temperature. i see that fire starting to go very slowly. 35 in chicago for your high temperature. 60s widespread across portion of texas. across southeastern portion of texas, we'll be dealing with areas of heavy rain and a little bit of lake enhanced snow across parts of upstate new york. we got the fire going. we got it going, right, you guys? so it's going to get bigger and we're going to stay warm out here. now you're adding sticks to make it grow. >> drop it!
7:40 am
of. >> oh, wow. that's kind of big. be careful. let's grab the marshmallows. let's roast some marshmallows. >> yeah! >> what would a fire be without marshmallows? >> whoa! >> all right! yeah. guys, take it inside. we're going to keep roasting out here and eat some marshmallows. >> brian: i'll add to that, what would a fire be without marshmallows? what would a breakfast be without marshmallows. i say this is how they invented fluff. >> steve: just a large -- >> gretchen: a little melted. >> brian: let's jar it and make millions. >> steve: and they have. >> gretchen: very cute. hats off to the boy scouts and happy birthday today. coming up, who is normal and
7:41 am
nuts? dr. keith ablow and stuart varney are both on deck. i'm not going to get close it that one. >> steve: first the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1917, this actress known for having nine husbands, including conrad hilton. who is she? be the first to e-mail with the correct answer and you'll be the big winner a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive.
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7:45 am
ambition? days after retiring as secretary of state, hillary clinton, somebody has launched a new web site for her showing off this glam russ new face. face lift perhaps? well, that's fueling rumors about a run for president in 2016. but her aides say it's a way for fans, the media to reach her. meanwhile, unemployment didn't last long for our pal, britney spears. ♪ she's apparently close to signing on for a residency at a las vegas casino. her first gig after her exit from the "x factor." she's said to be deciding between two rival casinos. whoever has the most money gets her. let's talk money with that guy. >> brian: not only is unemployment at 7.9%, there is record poverty. 46.2 million people says yeah, i'm poor. gas prices are soaring.
7:46 am
the average now at 3.55 a gallon and more people are on food stamps than ever before. $47.7 million. you think with people being down on their luck, the president would do everything he could to support charities. but you would be wrong. in fact, according to the government accountability institute, audits of charitable organizations under president obama have spiked 80% since the president -- since president bush left office. what is going on? coincidence? i doubt it. stuart varney is here. what's the big picture? >> okay. the big picture is from 01 to 08, 6,000 audits of charities per year from 09 to 11, 11,000 audits by the irs of charities per year. that is bullying the charities 'cause they've got to spend a ton of money on lawyers to defend themselves and a lot of time defending themselves. the suspicion is that the administration is going after charities, using the irs to go
7:47 am
after them, bully them, because it is the left wants the government to be the providers of help, the providers of food, food stamps, because that way they can hook in people who will vote for that administration. if you go the private charity route, there is no votes in that and not controlled by the government. >> brian: stewart, what if they find thought a lot of these charities have been corrupt and need some focus on them? maybe they felt as though they could march all over them? >> fine and dandy. but what's the result of these 11,000 audits per year in i don't know the full impact, but they have not come up with the 11,000 prosecutions, they've not done that. they're simply bullied the charities. >> brian: the two most controversial things about what the president brings up, closing loopholes, mortgage deductions, interest deductions, and number two, charitable deductions. when they talk about closing loopholes, do you think the president could be targeting that and expose what he considers corruption in order to loosen up the public perception in. >> yes. there is a proposal that you
7:48 am
would limit the amount of money that can be deducted as a charitable contribution if you're above a certain income level. so if you, for example, you make more than $250,000 a year and you contribute $20,000 to charity, the proposal is that maybe you can't deduct all of that 20,000. only a portion of it. that limits the amount of money that people can deduct from their taxable income if they're wealthy. again, pressures the charities, forcing people more to be government charity as opposed to private charity. >> brian: varney and company will be coming up at 9:20 at which time he'll talk about this, but also what the cbo said yesterday. >> absolutely. the debt is out of control and we're running running with it. >> brian: stuart varney, thank you. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. time for our therapist. his girlfriend stopped eating meat and now he's rethinking the wedding. is he normal or is he nuts? dr. keith ablow again on the couch. but first on this day in 1999, "baby one more time" by britney spears was the number one song.
7:49 am
life was so simple then. ♪
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7:52 am
>> brian: are you normal or nuts? the question we ask ourselves once a week. and it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow on a daily basis. but he only goes on television once. joining us to answer the e-mails that you sent us, fox news contributor and psychiatrist c keith ablow. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. i'm always surprised when i get an inveigh taking. >> brian: let's get to it. first of all. >> steve: when driving down the
7:53 am
road, i am very discourteous when people have a bumper sticker from an opposing political party. i never jeopardize their safety, yeah right. it's momentary. just enough to inconvenience them. am i normal? am i nuts? am i rude? signs rudy. >> rudy is crazy. listen, if you're going to do battle with someone and jockey for position, rudy, you do it in the marketplace -- >> gretchen: wait, wait. >> steve: you're saying he's nuts? >> i'm saying that's crazy. i don't know why they said normal. it's like i'm being overruled. all of a sudden i'm going to be responsible for road rage all over america. no, it's crazy! you want to do battle on the highways, get in the passing lane, support candidates you believe in and take out your aggression by winning races in every state that you care about. >> gretchen: number two, like some i don't really care about the super bowl, but my husband a
7:54 am
huge ravens fan. so to make things interesting, i decided to root for the 49ers. i mean really root for them. when the ravens won, my husband was really excited and celebrated, but for some reason i feel bitter. am i normal or nuts? >> how normal is that? see, that's great because even this new fan, that's the power of -- >> gretchen: all right! >> you're a new convert to football and you care enough to be bitter that your team lost. that's -- >> steve: it's arbitrary. okay, i'm going to go with the other team. >> nothing is a coincidence in life. there is still next year. so unlike the president, i'm still a big fan of football. >> brian: all right. let's move on. >> i had to slip that in. sorry. >> brian: number three, my fiance recently hopped on the vegan craze. vegan diets may not be the most healthy.
7:55 am
i have showed her other stuff i was reading. she got defensive. i love her, but her reaction has got me rethinking the wedding. normal or nuts? >> the wedding? see, there is my colleague. rethinking the wedding is a little nuts. okay, she's upset with you. believe me, she'll be much more upset with you at various times after the wedding. it's called a marriage. this is a proper training for what's to come. listen, maybe she's not so unshakeably convinced about the vegan thing and so what she did, she lashed out at him. buy her some tofu. she'll love you. keep the wedding on. >> brian: i watched the newheart show, so i feel like a psychiatrist. so i'm saying you're getting a sign that there is things that bother but that person. the vegan thing is just an excuse. this is a red flag. this is a relationship ready to blow up before it starts! >> gretchen: i think eating is part of your lifestyle. i didn't watch newheart, but i
7:56 am
should have. >> the nice thing is that it's such a relatively small thing that it can be fixed. number two, who among us would now knowing what marriage is, not journey into it because of conflict? come on, that's like not going swimming 'cause you're going to get wet. >> steve: i might draw the line at tofurkey. >> it's too much to call off the wedding. i wonder why he can't be challenged. why can't you take a little fire? a little friendly fire from your fiance. i understand. >> steve: e-mail us, maybe we'll feature your question to the good doctor next week. >> do you know i've never tried apple sauce 'cause my mom tried to make me eat it too many times. so i get this thing. >> gretchen: you are nuts! >> to this take. >> gretchen: most people can't live without facebook. but what happens to your facebook page when you're no longer living? peter johnson, jr. is on that case. >> brian: then a war of words
7:57 am
between two governors and one is rick perry and the other jerry brown. this one is going to get heat. >> steve: zha zha gabor is the answer to our aflac question. >> brian: natural blond, isn't she and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it is wednesday, february 6, 2013. the president says he has legal authority to target and kill american citizens believed to be terrorists. didn't he spend most of his first term ripping president bush over enhanced interrogations? so is there a difference? we're breaking it down fair and balanced, straight ahead. >> steve: then it's a war of words between two governors. but is it more worthy of a kindergarten class? down the gutter, jerry brown goes, trying to do battle with rick perry. we'll detail it coming up. >> brian: and this kid's got some serious skills.
8:01 am
♪ . >> brian: look out, lebron. he wants your job. does he have a future with the nba? "fox & friends" will offer him a signing bonus when we come back. 'cause we start now. >> steve: how adorable. did you realize this year will mark the 137th year they've had the annual westminster kennel club dog show here in new york city? those are some of the new dogs that they're going to introduce us to this half hour, plus as if they haven't done enough, there is a new app. you can actually follow the dogs with an app. >> brian: wow. >> gretchen: that will be very -- i can hardly wait 'til they come out here. we'll find out how they were able to get into the westminster kennel club, now and part of the show. they bring new ones in every year, new kinds of breeds. in the meantime, let's get to your headlines because one person has been killed this
8:02 am
morning when a truck crashed and left dangling off the side of a bridge in fort lauderdale. police say the bakery truck collided with another car and pushed over the bridge. firefighters were able to rescue one person, but a second person was pinned inside and died. crews used rope and tow truck to secure it and pull it back up. new information on that deadly tsunami and earthquake in the south tsunami. the 8.0 quake struck off the solomon islands last night. we've now learned that several people are missing, now presumed dead. earlier this morning, officials confirmed five deaths, including one child. the quake triggered a small tsunami that slammed the remote region, the solomons part of the ring of fire where 90% of the world's earthquakes actually occur. check this out, this is the underground bunker where jimmy lee dykes held an alabama boy hostage for nearly a week. we just learned it was rigged with explosives. the f.b.i. found one bomb in the pipe they were using to
8:03 am
communicate with dykes. agents moved in after their hidden cameras showed he had a gun. they set off an explosive device. dykes fired at them. agents fired back, killing him. sources say that's exactly what they did, rehearsing the raid in a full scale mock bunker yards away. today that little boy that he was holding celebrates his 6th birthday and he's safe at home now with his mother. this kid may have a future in the nba. ♪ that's two-year-old titus making incredible trick shots around his house. his parents say he started shooting baskets after learning to walk and hasn't stopped. he can even sink shots on a 7-foot rim. this video racked up over 600,000 hits on youtube. >> brian: maybe this will be like the tiger woods famous video of him as a kid swinging the club, and he ended up making something for himself.
8:04 am
>> steve: sure. so the day he signs with the nba, this video is going to be really big. >> gretchen: i love it, this is my favorite one because he has the pacifier in his mouth. >> brian: 'cause he needs to relax. it's not all about standing and shooting. he needs to lay down once in a while. >> steve: let's talk about this, number one story could have had in the "new york times" today is about the drone strikes. it's about how the president of the united states is able to actually drone without due process americans. so the -- and you look at the hypocrisy. remember four years ago, five years ago, democrats and the guy who is now president of the united states, so outraged over enhanced interrogation techniques, things like waterboarding. which is worse, a waterboarding or killing somebody? if you're a terrorist, you would much prefer waterboarding to getting killed by a drone. >> brian: keep in mind, too, it's not the president killing american citizens like you or i. he's killing american citizens that were born here and then turned against us and were
8:05 am
marbling attacks against us and inspireing terrorists against us. we're talk al-awlaki, magazine publisher. so the president, i think it's important to point out, credit suing president bush and dick cheney, but not taking the criticism for killing them as opposed to sleep deprivation. remember the president said this. under my. >> under my administration, the united states does not torture. my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture and that we abide by the geneva convention. waterboarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions. it's contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are. that's not how we operate. and anybody who was actually -- has read about and understands
8:06 am
the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture. that's not something we do. >> brian: by the way, that's not true. if you talked to the c.i.a. and the guys that did it, it wasn't torture. they got permission to do it. it was enhanced interrogation practices. all green lighted. >> gretchen: leon panetta, also confirmed that those enhanced interrogation techniques were a piece of the puzzle in capturing osama bin laden. when you hear vice president joe biden in an interview a few years ago saying they didn't give you any information, that's not necessarily the case. i think for me on this issue, it's why the president has decided to change the way in which we trio capture or kill terrorists. so we've gone from capturing them and then possibly getting information from them about other terrorists and bringing them to gitmo, to killing them with drone strikes. why? because the president doesn't want to do some of those enhanced interrogation techniques. he doesn't believe in gitmo.
8:07 am
so this is the answer. you can argue whether or not that's legal. the aclu says it's not legal. that's an interesting twist because the aclu usually agrees with the obama administration. >> steve: well, the problem is they don't get due process, according to the aclu. the hypocrisy is jaw dropping. where are the calls for this president to be impeached, as george bush was called to be impeached five years ago? take a look at this over here. back when george w. bush was president, far screen left, 144 democrats questioned him on gitmo. and the interrogation techniques. 18 questioned eavesdropping regarding the patriot act. but in this case, only eight u.s. senators are questioning the president of the united states on assassination. in fact, 11 u.s. senators in all wrote him a letter saying, okay. we've seen this unclassified thing that was leaked out. we'd like to seat secret stuff. figure out when you decide to
8:08 am
kill somebody. >> brian: it goes to show you when you're sitting in the oval office, you need to do everything you can to keep america safe, but the thing is, you should not condemn people when you're not in that seat. dennis kucinich, who condemned president bush, also condemns barak obama. listen, a democrat. >> when 15% of the people hit by drone strikes are innocent civilians, you're creating a loft animosity. it's making america more vulnerable. not less vulnerable. there is no question that a party wants to support its president. that's nothing new. but what's at issue here is that the constitution is being undermined and that the power of government is so great now that government, even without any proof at all, can go anywhere in the world and go after anybody it wants, just press a button and kill that person. >> steve: tomorrow when john brennan sits down up on capitol hill for his confirmation hearing to be the top spy in the country, you know there are going to be fireworks. you just stand by. you'll see it all live. >> gretchen: this is why this is happening now because he was instrumental in starting this
8:09 am
whole drone strike business. so that's why it's going to be important moving forward. >> brian: also he was for enhanced interrogation. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: so he'll get it from all sides. >> gretchen: let's talk about a spat going on between governor rick perry of texas and governor brown of california. governor perry has put out a radio ad in the state of california enticing business people there to move their businesses out of california to texas where there is no state income tax. here is that ad. >> building a business is tough. but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. there are plenty of reasons texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. visit and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to texas.
8:10 am
>> steve: okay. so that's a radio ad that texas ran in california on monday. jerry brown was asked about it yesterday. he said this. >> $26,000 video spot, the smallest entry into the media market of california and there is a fellow bought tens of billions of dollars in advertising. should i liken it to when you -- it means nothing. >> gretchen: so he then went on to say after that, here was a comment that was caught as he was exiting the stage. it's not a serious story, guys. it's not a burden of proof of the it's barely a fart. >> steve: oh, boy. >> gretchen: so he was using potty talk. here are the real numbers. unemployment in california 9.8%. texas, 6.1%. so maybe governor perry is on to something. why not reach out? it's all about competition between states, quite frankly.
8:11 am
why not reach out? this is happening in the midwest with indiana, a lot of people are coming to indiana to open their businesses from illinois where taxes have gone through the roof there as well. >> steve: keep in mind, in addition to the spat that's ongoing right here, now governor perry apparently is going to fly out to california. don't know exactly when -- to try it lure more business people to come to the lone star state of texas, in addition to the tax thing, which state do you think has fewer regulations when it comes to pollution and stuff like that? there is a reason so many businesses are moving to texas. this is exciting. game on. >> brian: straight ahead, most people can't live without facebook. what happens to their facebook page once they die? peter johnson, jr. has his cheery case next. >> gretchen: take a lock at this. it's the craziest dash cam -- watch this. you're not going to believe it. into the hood of his car and those people made it out alive.
8:12 am
>> brian: they better have an air bag. >> steve: they had an angel.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> steve: you probably know people who can't live without their facebook. but what happens when those people who love facebook die? several states want to make laws to help transfer your digital assets. then what happens? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us now. peter? >> it's really important. new hampshire is looking at it right now and about five other states, only five other states across the united states have such laws. so what happens when you die it o your facebook account e e-mail account, twitter, google plus? how do your lovednes get into it if they don't know the password? that's become part of litigation. there was a marine who died back
8:16 am
in the middle of 2000. his family had to go to court to get yahoo to turn over the e-mails. so the truth is, under the contract of service that you enter when you enter into these programs, when you die, the program dies. it's not transferable and they have the right to terminate the account. on facebook, it's probably 5 million people who are dead at that have accounts there. sometimes -- >> steve: open accounts? >> sometimes people set up memorials. you need have a will. you need to let someone know the password. or you need to go to one of these internet services that will actually send messages to people upon your death that will have all this financial information there that, will have the passwords so your family can take over a twitter or google plus account, yahoo, all of these important things in our lives. >> steve: right. i can understand knowing the
8:17 am
password for your bank account and credit card stuff b. -- but a lot of people, they e-mail people left and right. and maybe if the people looks at what a person has done during their life, they might discover a whole bunch of stuff, oh, wait a minute. we didn't know they were into that. >> that is a great point. there is an opportunity for post humiliation, embarrassment, causing more grief. there have been some programs out there incinerator accounts whereupon your death, certain accounts can be deleted. >> steve: those people were up to something crazy. >> absolutely. many were from ten to $20 a year or 200 or $250 a year to certain companies and they will set up accounts by which messages will go to your loved ones with passwords, with financial information. a lot of people get bills on-line. the family is stuck for those bills. so if they don't have the capacity to go into that e-mail,
8:18 am
shut off accounts, shut down systems, those bills will keep coming and it's going to be a lot of aggravation. >> steve: exit question, i think you kind of answered it before. the simplest thing for people to do would probably be either share the passwords with your loved ones or say, this is where i keep the passwords. >> share them with loved ones. let them know the e-mail account attached to certain accounts that if you pass, they can go on, not as the person that's living, but -- and get those, or you can sign up with one of these services, or you can put it in your will and let people know what you want to happen to your social media accounts, to your e-mail accounts. this is becoming the subject of more and more litigation where e-mail accounts and twitter accounts sometimes are as valuable as the house that people live in. the house has many memories and sometimes as many secrets. so there is a lot of sensitivity that needs to be going forward in this whole brave new world. >> steve: important stuff. great.
8:19 am
>> pleasure. >> steve: coming up, fishermen on the brink of losing everything they worked for and the government regulations to thank. senator kelly ayotte is here with the brand-new details. she's live. then the westminster dog show next week, but you don't have to wait until then to meet the new breeds. we have them live here in our studio. come in, fellows, you're coming up next on "fox & friends" hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy.
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>> brian: quick headlines. big changes coming to saturday mail service. the cash strapped post office will announce today that they will be ending the delivery first class mail on saturdays come august 1. the move expected to cost --
8:23 am
save us $2 billion a year. they'll end 150-year tradition. new report out this morning says baltimore is on a path to financial ruin. it shows the city will accumulate $745 million in budget deficits over the next decade because of a widening gap between how much they're actually making and spending. good luck, ravens. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. "fox & friends" has gone to the dogs. champion dog, that is. the westminster kennel club dog show, america's second longest continuously held sporting event. today we're honored to have some of the pups competing. joining me live, the voice of the westminster kennel club, david frye. hard to believe it's been another year. >> it goes by fast. >> gretchen: so what's this beautiful creature? >> this is a tibetan mastiff. it's again, we talk about new breeds, it just means they're newly recognized because they've been around for thousands of
8:24 am
years. we finally got them out of tibet and over here to this country. you can see what a wonderful regal dog it is nonresponsive this is in the working class. >> yes. kondra. >> gretchen: let's have her go off with her owner. how much does she weigh? >> probably 140 or 50 pounds. >> gretchen: then the little guy. i used to have a jack russell terrier. that's were recently allowed to be in the show. >> they've been around, again, for a lot of years. hundreds of years. just recently recognized by the akc, which makes them eligible for westminster for the first time. this is the russell terrier. a lot of people will say that's a jack russell and they might be right about that, too. but a wonderful little dog. used for hunting, rides in the saddle bags and goes to get the fox. >> gretchen: he's shivering a little bit. you know what i loved about having this type of dog was that they think that they're big dogs. they have a very dominant, wonderful personality.
8:25 am
>> most terriers do. if you think of eddie on frazier, these are wonderful, active little dogs. you better be the alpha dog in the relationship to have a dog like this. >> gretchen: they need a lot of running around. let's meet jan. jam is a fax fashion -- fashion model. >> wonderful therapy dog. very active in a lot of different activities besides the dog show ring. agility, hunting, exercise and things like that. this is gym. gray ghost. >> gretchen: in the sporting category? >> in the sporting category. they are a big hunting dog, big game and birds and pointing breed. >> gretchen: what are you feeding jam? >> a little bit of a cheese stick here. to keep her attention. the dog show ring, we call it bait. but it's to keep their attention so they're not looking around or sniffing the ground or doing something else.
8:26 am
>> gretchen: jam obviously likes that. i hope we have leftovers. we have the brussels gravan. this is a younger dog. >> for the first time since 1992 we are allowing younger dogs in that are not champions yet that have won a major. with you that's vania. >> gretchen: why the change? >> we have expanded space. up here on the west side, we go back to the garden at night for the groups and best in show on monday and tuesday night. >> gretchen: you will be back here wednesday morning, the first show, who will have the winner. >> that's right. >> gretchen: remind everyone who won last year. >> last year was wonderful pekinese named malachi. he's coming in to hand over the crown it whoever wins next. >> gretchen: tell us about the special app. >> we have a new app, show guide for people. it's available for iphones and androids and it will have streaming video of the breed
8:27 am
judging during the day live in its entirety. you can see every one of the 187 breeds that are being judged. we have the streaming video live. you can watch on our web site, nonresponsive it all takes place next week here in new york city. great to see you. we'll see you back here on wednesday. >> thank you. >> gretchen: it will never cross go again, never collect $200. the monopoly piece voted out and the new one voted in. we'll tell what you it is next. and north korea release ago music video showing a missile attack on an american city. but is it more than a music video? could it really be seen as a threat? >> the white house is warning north korea that it will face significant consequences if it moves forward with a new round of nuclear tests. not only that, it's also warning south korea that it will face serious consequences if psy makes another ad for pistachios oh!
8:28 am
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8:32 am
cat. >> gretchen: what? >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: charming. >> steve: i was pulling for the robot. >> brian: as long as the hat is still there, i got a reason to play for nine hours. i've never had an ultimate winner. before anyone could go bankrupt, we do something else. >> steve: you never won at monday knopffully? >> brian: i never had the guts to buy anything, so i just try to just survive. >> gretchen: to go all the way to the end? >> brian: there is more reasons not to buy. so i just sit there and people get bored and they quit on me. >> steve: your kids must love that 'cause they can beat dad. >> brian: i keep saying, don't you want to play outside? >> gretchen: drastic cuts are about to hit the united states defense budget as part of a deal that congress cut last year. but according to president obama, those cuts might not be enough. >> we can't just cut our way to prosperity. democrats and republicans have still been able to come together and cut the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion through a mix of
8:33 am
spending cuts and higher rates on taxes for the wealthy. >> gretchen: so does that mean more taxes, too? new hampshire senator kelly ayotte joins us now with her thoughts. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so what did you make of the president when he made that comment? >> what i made of it is this, that no question that we need to cut spending, get our fiscal house in order with $16 trillion in debt, but his first answer to everything is, new taxes. when you think about it, what happened in january, he got $600 billion in new revenue. where were the spending cuts? now again he wants to raise taxes. i think it's time for us to cut spending. >> steve: what are the odds he was talking yesterday about how bad the sequester is. the sequester was the idea, it was the invention of the white house! >> well, it was. if you read bob woodward's book, he said it was their idea and by the way, today i'm going to be working with another group of senators and buck mckeon, the
8:34 am
chairman of the house armed services. we're going to introduce a bill that comes with alternative cuts to deal with sequestration without new taxes. you can do it by cutting spending. we'll do it in a responsible way. >> brian: so the president to come forward now, do you think it's something of desperation or is this a responsible thing to do before march 1 is right upon us? >> i actually think if we have to deal with sequestration in terms of the impacts on our military undermining our national security, it remains a very dangerous world. but again, there are ways to do this without raising taxes. we're introducing a bill today that will do that. in fact, it takes proposals from his own fiscal commission on how to do that. >> brian: do you have leverage over him right now? >> well, i think, first of all, he's got to come to the table and address this issue. he's concerned obviously about sequestration. we are, too. but new taxes are not the way to go. why don't we really look at the big picture? let's do a budget. let's get a big picture -- >> brian: he missed his deadline
8:35 am
on the budget. >> he did. he missed that deadline. for the fourth year in a row. it's really outrageous and i hope the senate democrats mean it when they say they're actually going to do a budget this time. i serve on the budget committee. i'm also a co-sponsor of the no budget, no pay proposal. it's time for to us do a budget. >> gretchen: that means if they don't couple up with one that, congress will not be paid. let's move to something that's also close to your neck of the woods. the new england fishermen regulation nation is what we're calling it, they say that new regulations may lead to the collapse of the industry. tell us about this. >> well, this is really, really sad and outrageous what noah is doing to our fishermen in new england and in particular new hampshire. we have a lot of small fishermen who, it's a noble trade. many of them have done this for generations. they have implemented new regulations that are essentially going to put them out of business. i've introduced a bill -- what these regulations do, you should understand, is they favor larger
8:36 am
fishermen, so it's another too big to fail deal from the government where it's really going to put small fishermen out of business. so i've introduced a bill that would allow, if we have a 15% job loss in the fisheries, to noah that they can't implement the regulations, that they have to strike a balance and make sure that we allow these fishermen to continue to make a living. >> steve: sure. >> brian: here is dave gothle, on fox friends friends sunday. listen. >> this comes on top of numerous other regulations that have been put into effect in the last 30 years that's an example, i believe, of probably be able to fish three days in total for the entire year. this is a one size fits all management policy that's put into effect with devastating consequences for some people and not so much for others. >> brian: there you go. >> i know dave. he's a really good guy. just wants to make a living. small fisherman and really those
8:37 am
small ferbermen are being put out of business by noah. it's an overreach and outrageous. they should do something about it and that's why i introduced this bill to stop it. >> brian: if senator hagel's nomination goes to the general senate, will you support him after what you saw last week? >> i am really deeply concerned about what i saw last week. i think i'm leaning no on this nomination and i will tell you why. it was shocking to me when he was asked about our policy toward iran, that the fundamental -- one of the fundamental threats to our country that he didn't know that our policy was not containment? i mean, that was shocking. >> gretchen: he said he agreed with the president's policy of containment, but that isn't the policy. senator, always great to get your thoughts, have a great rest of the week. >> take care, thanks for having me. >> brian: now some headlines. that call will have to wait. coffee comes first. officers from the miami-dade police department caught on coffee breaks and one getting cozy with his girlfriend instead of answering emergency calls.
8:38 am
the investigation reveals in one case, a five-month-old while was unconscious and one of the officers told the dispatcher he was enroute when, in fact, he was having coffee with his supervisor. the sergeant and two other officers have been fired. three suspended. two written up. >> steve: calls for tougher sanctions on the country of north korea this morning after the country posted disturbing video on-line. take a look. it shows a missile attack on what looks like new york city. it's set to the "we are the world" theme song. >> what threatens us is the idea that people in north korea are dreaming about destroying new york and obviously worse than that, that they're conducting research on nuclear devices and ballistic missiles that would make that popular. this is north korean propaganda and as silly as it looks to us, it covers a reality that is
8:39 am
threatening and growing more so. >> steve: do the people of north korea have electricity to watch that? >> brian: i'm not really sure. >> steve: me neither. the videond with the man saying his dream will come true. >> gretchen: the founder and form head of the ground zero mosque slapped with a $25 million lawsuit. the imam is accused of pocketing millions of dollars in donations and spending them on lavish perks for himself and his wife. he spent more than $3 million on vacations, real estate, luxury sports car. lawsuit claims he also falsified the tax returns of two nonprofits where the money was supposed to be going. >> brian: shocking video of a truck slamming into an oncoming car. it's all caught on camera. it flies into the top of the car. it happened in south korea. amazingly, it's believed that everyone in the car survived. >> steve: that is amazing indeed. how many people have dash cam videos in their private car?
8:40 am
meanwhile a big storm headed our way this weekend. maria molina is live with a preview of coming attractions. >> good morning. we're tracking an area of low pressure that could become our next nor easting coming up friday into early saturday morning. keep this in mind if you live anywhere across the mid atlantic, portions of the northeast like new york city and into areas across new england because we could be looking at significant snowfall, up to a foot of snow will be possible in some areas, or maybe even more, depending on how strong the storm gets and on the exact track that the area of low pressure does take. one of the possible situations here or scenarios across northeast is that the storm could dump snow across places in new york city, up in through boston and portions of new england could see over a foot of snow. there is a possibility of seeing a lot of snow across new york city as well, but we just want to stay aware. we have to continue to keep an eye on the storm system and in anticipation of the storm, we have winter storm watches across massachusetts, vermont and
8:41 am
southern areas of maine. for today, relatively quiet in the northeast. lake effect snow in parts of new york and pen opinion. >> steve: quiet today, but here comes the snow. thank you very much. >> gretchen: it was labeled one of the biggest failures in america, the man who led government motors out of bankruptcy is here. but he says there is a whole lot you don't know about the bailout. >> brian: he wrote about it. can you have your grits without the guilt? paula deen's son says yes. he's cooking up some comfort foods just for you. under 350 calories. all right. i'm lorenzo.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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♪ they hatin' ♪ patrolling ey tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to -- [ woman ] hi there. why do we always have to take your mom's car? [ male announcer ] the security of an iihs top safety pick, the 2013 volkswagen tiguan. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease a 2013 tiguan for $219 a month. ♪ >> gretchen: quick headlines now now. is this the face of presidential
8:45 am
ambition? days after retiring issues hillary clinton launched a new web site with a new glamourous picture. it's fueling rumors for a run for president in 2016. sports illustrated swim suit model going topless in this super bowl ad. folks in the northeast missed out because it wasn't shown in new york, new jersey or new england. guys, you're welcome for showing it here. brian, back to you. >> brian: bankrupt and bailed out, general motors was on the verge of collapse when former at and t big wig, ceo, ed whitaker, was called out of retirement and asked to take over. 16 months later the company went from being on life support to launching the biggest ipo in history. now whitaker is speaking candidly about gm's near demise and pulling the carton back on the bailout in his new book "american turn around." just when you thought you retired, they pulled you back in! >> that's right. >> brian: any hess texans of jumping back in in an industry you knew nothing about is?
8:46 am
>> i said no the first couple of times but changed my mind. >> brian: why? >> an american service. i thought if i could help, i'd go do it. gm is part of the fabric of this country. it's been around a long time, all the way back to world war ii and before. made many products. i had always had a gm car. i just thought i'd go see if i could help. >> brian: so this is what you walked into. the government walked in, said, we're not going to let the car companies go out of business on my watch, george bush, and president obama both said. combined, $49.5 billion in assistance, not a grant. so you have to go deal with that. how much has been repaid and how much is still owed? >> well, there was a loan and then there was an equity interest. we repaid the loan, i think it was 7 or $8 billion early in march. and then the ipo paid back part of it. i'm not sure exactly how much is left. about 20 billion or so. >> brian: now, you were able to -- you went to the government and said, i can get you out of this. then we could be our own entity. what did the government tell you?
8:47 am
>> well, i thought the government could sell their entire stake at the ipo. they elected not to. why, i can't tell you. you'll have to ask them. but i know they're doing that now. >> brian: basically we're still out, the taxpayers are still out $20 billion? >> some amount. i don't know exactly. >> brian: and right now the government still owns 22%. did you feel their presence in your decision making? >> i did not. the government was very helpful. it worked out good. they let us run the company. they let us put it back on track. they were terrific. >> brian: ed, why did you feel as though you could walk in there and how long did it take you to realize this was a management problem and it wasn't a product problem? >> it didn't take very long. i mean, i asked somebody, a senior manager at gm what was ron and one of them said there is nothing wrong with us. the economy got us. and i said, well, what about the other car companies? it didn't get. right away i knew today make some changes. >> brian: what's the first thing you did? >> we made some changes. we tried to clear out
8:48 am
bureaucracy. we changed the lines of organization. we gave people authority and responsibility and held them accountable. we simplified the place. >> brian: how do you feel about people watching from afar and saying, you know what? why am i bailing out gm? ford was saving for a rainy day. they knew something was coming. what do you tell the taxpayers that i don't feel confidentable about what we did? >> first of all, i think we should pay the taxpayer back. but it was absolutely the right thing to do to bail it out. you think about gm, it's big company and it's a huge manufacturing asset. but you think about the thousands of suppliers and the thousands, tens of thousands of jobs with the suppliers, a bankrupt gm not only would have hurt gm, it would have terribly hurt with probably millions of jobs of the suppliers. so it would have been a huge effect. >> brian: what about the effect of the union having an ownership stake in that and people thinking, the union just got away with that and a lot of the investors and stock holders got screwed? >> the union was great in
8:49 am
bringing gm back. they were cooperative. we got along well. they were a big part of making gm good again. >> brian: and i have a tahoe. so -- >> good for you. >> brian: i want to make sure -- >> i'm glad you do. >> brian: out of retirement, into the fray president fire, all in your new book. congratulations on it and thanks so much for joining us on the couch. >> good to be here. >> brian: good luck with the book. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. can you have your grits without the guilt? paula deen's son says yes and he's here next with a recipe. first, let's check in with martha mccallum. i met her in person. she's nice and her show is good. >> thank you for sticking up for me, brian. i will see you soon on the radio. good morning to you, everybody. majority whip mccarthy has the answer for the president on whether he's going to get that extension on the sequester. you will hear it here first in "america's news room." a big super bowl win. but is baltimore going broke? an incredible video of four volcanos erupting at the same time. where else can you see that? no postal service on saturday? we'll see you at the top of the
8:50 am
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>> gretchen: he may be paula deen's son, but our next guest says he prefers his southern food without all the calories. >> steve: he has figured out a way to have his grits and eat them, too. we're talking about the author "from mama's table to mine," everybody's favorite comfort food, our buddy, bobby deen. good morning. >> gretchen: you look fantastic. >> brian: you are actually cooking. >> chefs bake, cooks cook. >> brian: i elevated you? >> you did elevated me and degraded chefs at the same time. >> steve: you are making my favorite dish, shrimp and grits under 350 calories. i got to see how to do that. >> the thing with shrimp and
8:54 am
grits is, the key to good grits, i think any southerner will tell you, is, first of all, you need a rolling boil. good stone ground grits and cook them low and slow, lots of butter, lots of heavy cream. we're doing none of those things. there is not lots of butter and heavy cream. what we're starting with is canadian bacon instead of the sausage because it's naturally lower in fat. a little better for you. we've got our onions and peppers going now. i've added about a quarter cup of white wine and we are going to -- one of you -- let's see. i'll choose you, brian. make a slurry for me. low sodium cornstarch. that's going to tighten this up for us. i'm using low sodium chicken broth. lightening up recipes in simple ways, low sodium chicken broth for half cup has 15-calories and zero grams the fat.
8:55 am
>> gretchen: now you're going to add that to thicken it up? >> he foods more. he needs. >> brian: this is like the paste i used to eat in kindergarten. >> give me just a little bit of that. not all of that. add it to the sauce. >> steve: make some gravy. >> that's called a slurry. have you ever made a slurry before? >> gretchen: a flurry. >> steve: a slurpee. >> we're going to tighten this up a little bit. >> steve: this is 350 calories or less? >> everything is. >> brian: you're in good shape. >> i run and lift every day. it's part of my life. >> brian: you're the mario lopez of cooking. >> i wish i were. >> gretchen: then we add the shrimp? >> to that we're going to add our georgia wild shrimp. these are really, really good. i leave the tails on. >> steve: how long you cook them? >> 34 minutes.
8:56 am
-- three to four hips. if you had gas, this would go faster. we're going to pretend our water is boiling and cook our grits and through the magic of television, if you look there to our right, we're going to have shrimp and grits. everybody will get to taste some. it just w't be the ones we're making here. >> gretchen: every recipe in your book, you have taken southern recipes and made them more calorie conscious. >> brian: tell everybody how good the book is doing. >> the book is number one on cookbooks overall on amazon and number four overall in all categories of books. the cucumber salad mom used to make for me. >> steve: we got more show to go >> brian: back in a moment. >> steve: first born on this day in 1911, president reagan was born in illinois. happy birthday oh!
8:57 am
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